Extend School Day Program

If your child does not follow the rules listed below, you will be notified by the Site Manager.  Every effort will be made to work with you and your child to correct inappropriate behavior.  Please discuss the following rules with your child.

  • Good sportsmanship and fair play must be displayed at all times
  • No dangerous items of any type are to be brought to the program
  • No cell phones, personal toys, CDs, electronic games, or trading cards
  • No foul or abusive language
  • No fighting or hitting other students or staff
  • Children are responsible for their own belongings
  • Directions from Activity Leaders and/or Site Manager must be followed to ensure the safety and well-being of all students
  • All injuries, no matter how small, must be reported to the Activity Leader immediately
  • Children must remain with their Activity Leaders during the designated times
  • Children are responsible for reporting in for roll call
  • children are responsible for checking with the Site Manager when being picked up
  • No tampering with other people's belongings
  • Extended Day enforces all school rules, including the dress code

Extended Day has created some discipline policies, as well as removal policies, that it will enforce when necessary.


          Discipline is usually done in a progressive manner; however, depending on the severity of the infraction your child may be suspended or expelled immediately.

  • No corporal punishment will be used by the Extended School Day staff.
  • Disruptive or inappropriate student behavior is explained in your school's "Code of Student Conduct" available at your school site.
  • View the Referral Form: referral_form.pdf


Removal from the Extended School Day Program

  • If you are repeatedly late (after 6:00 p.m.) picking up your child
  • If you fail to pay fees or are continuously delinquent (more than 1 week past due)
  • If your child does not benefit from the program
  • If your child does not respond to the staff-student ratio of 1-25
  • If a behavior or incident warrants

Children must abide by the
Discipline Guidelines established by their school