View the Flagler K-6 Extended Day Parent Handbook: parent_handbook.pdf


  • Children must be escorted into the Extended Day Program by the parent or authorized person in the morning and must be picked up by the parent or authorized person in the evening.  Children will not be released to a waiting car.  Children must be signed in and out of the program by the parent or authorized adult listed on the registration form.
  • It is your responsibility to keep the Site Manager informed of changes in your child's normal schedule by calling the Extended Day office (which has an answering machine) or sending a written, signed note.
  • Extended Day students attending after school activities must have a signed Permission letter and must sign in and out with an Extended Day staff person.
  • Children will not be released to anyone unless they are listed on the registration form.  Positive identification will be required by the Site Manager before your child is released.  Notify Site Manager of any custody changes and provide copy of court papers. ONLY THE PERSON THAT SIGNED THE REGISTRATION FORM IS ALLOWED TO VIEW OR ALTER THE FORM.
  • Homework - There will be time available for homework; however, it is not our sole responsibility.  The staff will seek the cooperation of parents, day teachers, and the child to complete homework.  We can not provide one-on-one tutoring for students at Extended Day Care.
  • Meals will be provided through the School's Food Services Department each afternoon.  There is no additional cost for meals.
  • We often use candid photography in our program and photos may be used in scrapbooking activities, Facebook, art projects, bulletin boards, promotion and archives of our program.  Parental permission is assumed by signing the Extended Day registration form.  If you do not want your child to participate in being photographed please provide a written note to the Site Manager.

Health & Sickness

  • If your child comes to the Extended Day Program ill, or becomes ill, you or an authorized person will be called to pick up the child.
  • Extended Day follows the same policies as the School Nurse at each school site.
  • Extended Day follows School Board policy in regards to health and safety.
  • Children must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to care


  • Children are instructed to report any and all injuries to the Activity Leader or Site Manager immediately.
  • If a child is injured the staff will make every effort to contact you.  If you and other emergency contacts cannot be reached, or if the injury is considered serious, the ambulance service will be called.

Emergency Procedures

  • Extended Day follows the School Student Handbook for any and all emergencies.