Frequently Asked Questions:FAQs
Here are answers to questions that we have received over the years. We have put them together to ensure parents are as informed as possible. All campters must be signed in, and all campers must be signed out by an adult listed on the registration form. Campers will not be released to a waiting car. Only the person who registered the camper may alter or view the registration form. The registration form may only be altered in person; we will not alter the form via a phone call.

No registrations will be accepted at camp. From March 19th until May 17th registrations will be taken at any elementary school cafeteria from 3:30pm - 6pm, or at the belle terre swim & racquet club from 7am - 7pm. After May 17th registrations will only be taken at the belle terre swim and racquet club, located at 73 Patricia Drive, Monday thru Thursday, 7am-7pm. No registrations will be taken May 27th - June 3nd. Beginning June 5th no registrations will be accepted after 12pm on Thursdays, and no registrations will be accepted on Fridays. Starting June 5th there is a 24 hour waiting period before your child can start camp. For safety purposes no child is allowed to start camp on a trip day.

Registrations MUST be accompanied by the $25.00 registration fee (per child; registration fee increases to $30/child after May 17th). Registration fee must be paid by check or money order or credit card. No walk-in registrations will be accepted at Camp.

A registration fee of $25.00 per child is due when registration is turned in ($30 after May 17th). Weekly fees are: K-6 is $85.00 per child.

There is no camp for 7th and 8th graders.

RevTrak "Parent Portal" (http://Flaglerschoolsfti.revtrak.net) will allow you to view payments made for tax purposes. For questions please call 446-6717.

Camp fees are due the first day of the week your child attends. PLEASE USE A CREDIT CARD, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER WHEN PAYING CAMP FEES. Camp fees are based on the entire week- fees are not prorated and there are NO DAILY RATES. Signing your child in the first day they attend camp counts as a full week's attendance. There are no refunds after your child has been signed in. All trips and activities are included in your camp fees. On field trip days you may choose to provide your child with spending money depending on the appropriateness. Your child is responsible for their own money; staff will not hold money for campers. The camp staff and the weekly newsletter will indicate when spending money is appropriate. Please pick up a weekly flier and read all notices posted at camp.

Our number one goal is the safety, well-being and enjoyment of camp by every child. Camp staff will work with every child, reviewing rules, redirecting behavior and providing positive role models. Positive discipline techniques will be employed. Behavior that is dangerous or infringes on the rights of other campers or staff will not be tolerated. Summer Camp is a “No Bully Zone” and we plan weekly activities aimed at deterring bullying behavior.

Camp Assignments:
Campers are assigned to Camp by the grade that they are going into for the 2019/2020 school year. We do not move children from one grade into another or from one Camp into another.

Camp Shirts:
It is our goal to provide one Camp shirt to each camper at no fee. We do our best to stock enough shirts in correct sizes to meet our needs. If we run out of shirts we will do our best to order more as soon as possible. Camp shirts are given in order to help safeguard your child and make supervision more efficient. If we run out of Camp shirts we encourage your child to wear any “regular” blue shirt until we receive a new shipment. Camp shirts MUST be worn on field trip days. If you forget your shirt on a trip day you may buy one for $5.00 or stay home from Camp for the day.

The Summer Camp phone number is 386-446-6727. Before Camp begins we will keep our Summer Camp page on the Flagler County Website updated starting March 1st, 2019. Questions can be directed at each of our registrations sites at each elementary school extended day sites.

Additional questions can be answered by calling 386-446-6717.

During Camp we encourage parents to speak with the closing Site Manager when signing in and out. Staff members are busy with the children but will access phone messages several times throughout the day.

We provide a summer calendar of tentative trips for your general planning purposes. Please be aware that trips and dates can change. We will provide information weekly at camp with all updated pertinent information about activities scheduled for specific weeks. We also will post pertinent information at camp and on our website.

Computer Use:
Campers may have access to computers while at camp, including internet use. Parental permission is assumed by enrolling in Summer Camp. If you do not want your child to participate in computer use please provide a written note to your child's Site Manager.

Dress Code:
Camp is busy and active. Campers need to wear sneakers and socks every day. Campers may change into swim shoes or flip flops once we get to the pool but need sneakers for the rest of the day. Shorts, tee shirts and tanks tops are recommended. Please apply sunscreen before your child comes to camp and send in a labeled bottled for them to re-apply as needed. This year we do not have a supply of sunscreen on site to give out. On swim days please send your child to camp dressed to swim and with a change of clothes and a towel. (We recommend two-piece bathing suits for little girls so that they can be independent in the bathroom.) Please label all items with your child’s name.

SunshineField Trips:
We have planned a variety of weekly field trips. Trip lists are tentative and subject to change- particularly due to weather concerns. There will be a weekly newsletter and/or a parent information board available at each camp listing all the events for the upcoming week. The newsletter will also note any special information such as whether to send optional spending money and which days to wear bathing suits or camp shirts.

Please note that all Campers go on the scheduled trip- we do not leave any staff behind to care for children- if your child cannot go on the trip they cannot attend Camp for the day. If your child misses the bus, you will need to make other arrangements for them for the day. Plan to have your child to camp early on trip days. We cannot hold the bus for a late child. We will not accept campers dropped off while we are off campus.

K-6 campers will be walking to Frieda Zamba Pool every Friday for swimming. On swim days or when outdoor activities are scheduled please ensure you have applied sunscreen to your child. Staff is prohibited from applying sunscreen to Campers.

All K-6 field trips travel by Flagler County School Bus.

Parents who want to attend field trips with their child must obtain a volunteer badge at the school district's Human Resource Department. Parents are not permitted to ride on the school bus. Because everywhere we go is a public venue, parents may drive their own car and pay their own admission (most places will not include them in the group rate) and then join their child. Parents who want to sign their child out while on a field trip must get permission in advance from the Site Manager.

Food Service:
Your camp fees are not paying for food service. The Flagler County Schools Food Service Department works through the Federal Summer Feeding Program to provide a free breakfast and lunch to every child on site that wants one. Campers are served breakfast and lunch from the first day of camp until the last day of camp. Your child must be in camp by 8:15am to receive a free breakfast.

During food service we share cafeteria space with other school programs, camps and the general public.

We sometimes hear from parents that their child does not eat lunch. We provide lunches, a time to eat and a supervised place to eat. We cannot force a child to eat, but we will encourage children to eat; we also will encourage children to eat the main item and “healthy” foods before they eat snacks and treat type foods. Ultimately the child is responsible for what they eat or do not eat.

Camp is open from 7am until 6pm. There are planned activities from 9am-4:30pm. We have supervised play and/or movies from 7am-9am and from 4:30pm-6pm. There is a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child, after 6pm. Repeated tardiness may result in dismissal from the program. It is extremely important that you have your child to camp by 8:15am so that they can participate in attendance and be in their group to begin the day’s activities. On trip days we load the busses and leave promptly; we do not hold the bus for late students. If you miss the bus, you will need to make other arrangements for your child for the day. We will not accept campers dropped off while we are off campus. We do not move children into another camp.

Camp is a full day program. For safety reasons we do not accept children from other programs or camps held at "Buddyworth."

We routinely do lice checks every Monday and as needed. If lice is suspected, the child must be isolated, a parent called and the child picked up as soon as possible. A medical note is not required nor sufficient- our staff will do a visual inspection before re-entry. Flagler County has a “no-nit’ policy and campers must have no observed nits in order to return to camp.

Summer Camp will meet in the combined building at Wadsworth and Buddy Taylor schools (enter the parking lot from Belle Terre at the traffic light. There is an electronic “Buddy Taylor” sign at the entrance). Campers must be dropped off and picked up in the Buddy Taylor cafeteria.

Lost and Found:
We will hold found items until the end of each week. We will “display” items in the cafeteria so that parents can claim their items. Unclaimed items will be discarded every Friday at the close of the day. Please check the lost and found frequently.

We follow all Flagler School Board regulations regarding medications. Medication must be brought in by an adult in the original container and the appropriate forms must be filled out. Students may not carry medication except for authorized epi pens and inhalers approved by camp administration. This includes over the counter items like cough drops, ear drops and Tylenol. Please see your Camp’s Site Manager to discuss any medication needs your child has.

We typically watch movies (videos and DVD’s) after the end of the organized camp day and sometimes as part of a special event. We will view “G” and “PG” rated movies at camp. If you have a concern about your child viewing movies please speak with a Site Manager.

Permission to Access:
We sometimes get requests for case managers, therapists or counselors to visit with children while they are at camp. Camp is very busy with children moving through a variety of activities and locations so it is very hard to have a quiet place for any kind of therapy to take place. If it is absolutely necessary for your child to receive services while at camp we require a “Permission to Access” form signed by the parent. The person coming in must have a picture I.D. badge and they will only have access to your child; this means your child will be removed from camp activities for the time period. Advance notice of dates and times is required; no unscheduled visits and no visits on trip days are allowed.

Personal Belongings:
There is limited space for storing backpacks and personal belongings at Camp. It is best to send your camper with only the minimum “stuff” that they will need for the day (change of clothes and towel on swim days, sunscreen, and water bottle). Campers should not bring toys, electronics or other personal belongings to camp. Campers must be responsible for their own belongings. Please label everything with your camper’s name. As per school board policy, campers are allowed to have cell phones but they must be set on vibrate or silent and kept in a pocket or backpack, not out. Repeated infractions of cell phone policy may jeopardize your placement in Camp.

We often use candid photography in our program, and photos may be used in scrapbooking activities, art projects, bulletin boards, promotion and archives of our program. We also post photos on our website. If you do not want your child to participate in being photographed, please provide a written note to the Site Manager.

Rain Policy:
We will continue to swim in the rain as long as it is not thundering or lightening. Most field trips will go rain or shine. If persistent bad weather is forecast we may cancel or reroute trips. In the event of extreme weather predictions, please watch the local news; if Flagler County Schools are closed, then Camp will be closed.

The legal day care ratios for school aged children is 1:25. We usually will try to staff at a lower ratio depending on the age of the children. On field trips we typically put two groups together and we will have some unassigned staff able to go where they are needed.

There are LIMITED scholarships to help your family attend camp; if your child is awarded a scholarship you are required to pay a copay of $40 per week, per child, and are only for 1, 2 or 3 weeks depending on the award. In order to be eligible for a scholarship you must register your child and pay the $25 non-refundable, per child, Registration Fee. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Scholarship applications will be accepted April 1st through April 19th at the Belle Terre Swim & Racquet Club between 7am-7pm Monday through Friday. Scholarship awards will be notified by email approximately May 26th. Scholarships might not be awarded until after camp begins- perhaps several weeks into summer - be prepared to pay full fees until then, including the non-refundable registration fee.

Sign In and Out:
All campers must be escorted into the building and signed in and out by an adult. After signing in, please say goodbye to your child in the receiving side of the cafeteria; for safety reasons we will not allow parents to go past the cafeteria door. At sign-out time please be prepared to show an ID. We will not allow a child to be signed out by anyone not listed on your child’s Registration Form.

Special Needs:
Summer Camp is open to any child in grades K-6; however, each child must benefit from our program, be self-sufficient, and must be able to tend to themselves in a group with a ratio of 1:18 to 1:25, depending on the Camp. We are unable to provide ratios less than 1:12. If you have questions or concerns about the suitability of our program for your child please call 386-446-6717.

All our Summer Camp staff members are Flagler School Board Employees. We provide special summer camp training annually for our staff. Many of our staff are employed by the school system during the school year. While we are at Frieda Zamba Aquatic Center, the City of Palm Coast’s certified lifeguards are on duty in addition to our staff.

It is the parent's responsibility to provide their child with sunscreen, including application before coming to camp. If your child attends camp without sunscreen our camp staff will spray them with sunscreen; if you do not want your child sprayed with sunscreen please see your child's site manager.

Swim Days:
The K-6 camps will be swimming Fridays at the Frieda Zamba Aquatic center. Some of our other scheduled field trips are to Daytona Lagoon and Aquatica and involve swimming. Please send your camper in a bathing suit on those days with a change of clothes and a towel and sunscreen. Campers may wear swim shoes or flip flops once we get to the pool but need sneakers for the rest of the day. If your child is very susceptible to sunburn we recommend a plain white tee shirt to be worn in the pool in addition to sunscreen. Please note that we take the entire camp to the pool; we do not leave anyone behind.

Frieda Zamba Aquatic Center does not allow any floatation devices unless they are labeled “Coast Guard approved”.

Summer Camp is fully staffed. We currently do not have a need for volunteers at camp.

What do Kids do at camp?
In addition to the weekly field trips and swimming, we do a wide variety of at-camp activities including arts and crafts, outdoor play, organized sports and group games. K-6 allows time for play with legos and different building materials, as well as toys. We have a room full of table and board games, one for dramatic and pretend play. We have educational toys and games. We will have activities devoted to math, reading and science that are in a fun play format. We do special events like bringing in Speakers and doing shows, dances and talent contests.

If you have questions, custody concerns, special medical needs or any other concerns please see a Camp Site Manager.

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