Fee Schedule (No Daily Rates):

Annual non-refundable Registration/Supply Fee: $25 Per Child.

Payments can only be made by credit card, check, or money order. No cash payments.

AM and PM $50.00 Per Child.

AM or PM $40.00 Per Child.
**Weekly fees subject to change

Multi-child discount $10 for 2nd & 3rd sibling (oldest child is full price)

Checks returned due to insufficient funds will result in all future payments being made by cashier's check or money order.

Fees are to be paid the first day of each week that your child attends. 

For multi-child accounts: Oldest child is always full price, $10 discount per additional child in immediate family (mother/father/guardian).  If the oldest child is disenrolled from the program or has more than a 3-week gap in attendance the next oldest sibling will be charged full price.  

The second time your credit card is declined, you will be required to make all future payments with a money order.

Advanced monthly payments can be arranged and are encouraged.

Delinquency of payment can result in removal of your child from the program.

Absences are not credited; however, illness of one consecutive week or more may be credited.

Changes to your child's registration require a change of registration form. Only the person that signed the form may view or alter the form.

No discounts, waivers, or exemptions.

RevTrak "Parent Portal" will allow you to view payments made for tax purposes. For questions please see your Site Manager.

Late Fees
$1.00 per minute per child, according to the school clock, will be charged for pickup after 6:00 pm.

In case of emergency, call Extended Day and speak directly to or leave a message for the Site Manager.

Repeated tardiness in picking up your child will result in notification to the appropriate authorities and may result in removal from the program.